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Swole Panda

Black "No-Show" Bamboo Socks (UK 4-7)


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'No-Show Socks' or 'invisible' socks are the hidden sock that are worn perfectly underneath shoes, espadrilles and trainers for the ultimate in comfort, style and practicality. Designed using our signature attention to detail and worlds finest bamboo blend, these socks are the ultimate no-show socks. This black pair is a reliable day-to-night option. The hand-linked toe seams ensure maximum comfort.

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Black "No-Show" Bamboo Socks (UK 4-7)Black "No-Show" Bamboo Socks (UK 4-7)Black "No-Show" Bamboo Socks (UK 4-7)
Swole Panda

Black "No-Show" Bamboo Socks (UK 4-7)

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