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Chestnut Brown (Kesten) Tinted Lip Balm - 100% Natural


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Tired of lip colour that doesn't last? Then this tinted Chestnut Brown Cornish Lip Balm is for you! 100% Natural, and cruelty-free, Kesten is Cornish for chestnut and this luxurious lip balm is made from Cornish beeswax, organic shea butter, Cornish rapeseed oil and medium brown natural iron oxide minerals. Super moisturising, with a deep chocolate coloured tint. Also forms a great barrier to the elements due the pure Cornish beeswax and shea butter content and colour is locked in longer by the beeswax. No preservatives, plastic free product in British-made tin. 

Comes with free metal retractable lip brush for application, as this balm is more like a lipstick you can layer it up for a bold look, or apply over one of our clear balms like our protecting Noth (Bare), or our vegan Sempel balm (Simple) for a 'barely there' look for daytime.

Our organic Chestnut Brown Natural Tinted Lip Balm is made from organic shea butter from a fairtrade cooperative in Ghana, pure Cornish beeswax from bee-friendly beekeepers and fairtrade chocolate brown mineral colour - no chemicals, no preservatives, 100% natural.

SKU:28-7488Type of Lip Makeup:Lip BalmsFinish:BoldFormat:BalmKey Ingredients:Shea ButterKey Features:NourishingFree From:Plastic-FreePackaging type:Free from PlasticSuitable for:VeganDesigned for:Fully recyclable
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Chestnut Brown (Kesten) Tinted Lip Balm - 100% Natural
Imagine Skincare

Chestnut Brown (Kesten) Tinted Lip Balm - 100% Natural

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