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Jacques Lemans

Eco Power 1-2112


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Solar watches are quite in fashion these days as they arevery attractive and stylish. Therefore but naturally alsofor their use of latest solar technology ecofriendlymaterials we love the beautiful Solar Pearl watches of thebrandnew Eco Power Solar Collection. The shimmeringmotherofpearl dial impresses with its unique colouringthe coordinated suede strap is a perfect match for a trulyelegant look. With a Solar Pearl wristwatch you are notonly wearing an excellent watch you are also subtlyshow... 5 ATM Mother of Pearl solid stainless steel hardened crystex crystal Solarwerk
SKU:19-1-2112CType of Watch:Solar
By purchasing this product you're using 12.7% of your monthly carbon budget and 5.9% of your water budget.

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Eco Power 1-2112
Jacques Lemans

Eco Power 1-2112

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