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Festival Waist Bag



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The Festival waist bag is what happens when you take sustainability and convenience to the next level. We designed it with a whole set of cool features to maximize both. Use it to carry your essentials conveniently, sustainably, and in sleek style. As with all Up-fuse creations, the Festival is made out of sustainable and recycled materials to minimize your ecological footprint.

All our pieces are sustainably and locally handmade in Egypt.


Because they‚re handmade, none of our pieces look 100% alike so please note that the one you receive may slightly differ from the picture. Each plastic sheet we use as part of our upcycling process is unique, making each of our pieces one of a kind just like their owners. Enjoy your individualized purchase!


  • Inner zipper (NEW)
  • Inner hook (NEW)
  • Outer pocket (NEW)
  • Used seat belt as a strap (NEW) ‚ì to boost sustainability even more!

Materials Used:

  • Made of 20 recycled plastic bags
  • No dyes added to the recycled material
  • Cotton canvas outer pocket
  • Fabric net
  • Used seat belt

Dimensions: 28.5 x 14 x 7 cm

SKU:76-2024Type of Bag:Bums
By purchasing this product you're using 0.5% of your monthly carbon budget and 0.8% of your water budget.

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Festival Waist Bag

Festival Waist Bag

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