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Tiddley Pom

Festive Diffuser Blend



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Festive Blend This magical festive blend of nine essential oils including our favourites such Frankincense, Myrrh and Mandarin.  These are complemented by a sweet grapefruit, deep floral Rosalina with Fir Balsam, Bay and a touch of Nutmeg.  We start at the roots. We believe in sourcing ethical, sustainable ingredients for our products. And we believe in paying a fair price to the people who grow them. Because we know that their success shapes ours. Our packaging is different too. We use refillable deep Violet Miron glass bottles for our small-batch blends, and everything we sell is recyclable, refillable or reusable. 10ml  

Frankincense, Myrrh, Mandarin, Sweet Grapefruit, Rosalina, Fir Balsam, Bay and Nutmeg.

SKU:63-32855270916181Type of Bodycare:Body OilsColour:BlackGender:UnisexSkin Type:NormalFormat:OilPack Size:1Designed for:Fully recyclable
By purchasing this product you're using 11.1% of your monthly carbon budget and 27.9% of your water budget.

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Festive Diffuser Blend
Tiddley Pom

Festive Diffuser Blend

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