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Delphis Eco

Multi Purpose Descaler (350ml)


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  Our Multi-Purpose Descaler removes scale and water marks from surfaces and appliances. It’s a highly effective limescale remover effective in both hard and soft water. Its rapid action will remove watermarks and limescale easily leaving appliances clean and ready to use.  Areas of Use  Kettles Showerheads Boilers Dishwashers Drinks Machines Irons  Instructions for Use Ensure this product is used only inline with instructions as detailed on packaging and inline with manufacturers guidance on items being cleaned. Ingredients Made from plant-derived renewable and sustainable resources. Detergents Directive 648/2004: Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants Free from: Hydrochloric acid, Enzymes, Formaldehyde, VOC’s, APEs.   Product Accreditations    Product Information      

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Multi Purpose Descaler (350ml)Multi Purpose Descaler (350ml)Multi Purpose Descaler (350ml)
Delphis Eco

Multi Purpose Descaler (350ml)

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