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Aphrodite Razors

Eco-Friendly Safety Razor in Rose Gold



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Aphrodite Razors are eco-friendly and plastic free safety razors, designed to be elegant yet effortlessly efficient. Their curved shape makes it easy to hold and control every stroke, with the help of a weighted handle to provide the perfect pressure for closer and smoother shaves.   WHAT'S IN YOUR STARTER BOX A Rose Gold Aphrodite Razor One box of five shaving blades WHY APHRODITE RAZORS "We started Aphrodite Razors because we want to encourage women to reduce their daily plastic use and waste! Disposable plastic razors and razor heads contribute to the billions of tonnes of plastic that are thrown away every year. What is becoming more and more apparent is how detrimental plastic is to our planet's health and ultimately our own. We provide a razor that’s both beautiful in design and plastic-free for women to use with confidence and class as part of their shaving routine." - A single, stainless steel blade to provide an irritation and ingrown hair free shave. - An elegant, curved shape with a weighted handle for optimum pressure and control. - A fine comb to ensure a good guard against the blade to prevents cuts, whilst enabling the razor to easily glide on the skin. - A long handle, so you can reach every part of your body. - A thinner, more elegant look with a more sophisticated shave experience. - A luxurious, shiny rose gold finish to brighten up your bathroom. SPECIFICATIONS Handle made of quality zinc (to prevent rusting). Works with all universal double-edge single blades. Comes with 5 double edge blades, which each last around 3-5 shaves (the duller the blade, the less smooth the results). Shipped plastic-free, in recyclable materials. Recycle your blades easily at your local recycling centre. HOW TO ASSEMBLE AND SHAVE To load or change the blade:  Twist the handle to unscrew the head. Remove the plates and separate them. Place the blade in the top plate then replace the bottom plate (so the blade is sandwiched in the middle). When assembled correctly, you'll see the ribbed lines facing upward. Reattach and screw in the handle, making sure it's tight!  To shave:  Aphrodite Razors are weighted to apply all the pressure you need for a silky smooth shave. So our number one rule when using our razor is "please don't add any pressure." Adding pressure increases your chances of cuts and grazes. Shave using short, smooth strokes. Any areas where the skin is loose, pull it tight. Be delicate over bony areas like shins, kneecaps, and ankles. Ease up on the pressure. Add more soap or shaving balm to those areas and go over them slowly and with super short strokes. Control the angle of the blade as you shave, keep the angle at about 30 degrees relative to your skin.  After shaving: Pat dry your skin, rinse the razor under the water stream (with a little bit of soap if you prefer) and leave it to dry outside the shower or water stream to get most of its lifetime potential. SHIPPING TO YOU All packaging materials are entirely recyclable, reusable or compostable. For international orders: please note that our shipping fee includes  packing, shipping, taxes and customs up to the exit point of our country. We ship from the United Kingdom where we offer free delivery to orders within the country. Like for most online shipping, our shipping costs don't include potential customs or VAT that your country may apply. You may be asked to pay additional customs duties.
Our razors are 100% plastic free! The handle is made of quality zinc (to prevent rusting) and houses a single stainless steel blade for your closest shave yet!
Type of Hair Removal:Manual RazorsSkin Type:All SkinsBody Area:Full BodyGender:WomenFree From:Plastic-FreePackaging type:Plastic freeSuitable for:HypoallergenicDesigned for:Fully recyclable

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Eco-Friendly Safety Razor in Rose GoldEco-Friendly Safety Razor in Rose Gold
Eco-Friendly Safety Razor in Rose GoldEco-Friendly Safety Razor in Rose Gold
Aphrodite Razors

Eco-Friendly Safety Razor in Rose Gold

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