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Delivery and shipping

Does the customer pay for shipping charges?

Yes, the customer pays for the shipping charges you have set in the Partner Portal. If you’ve set free delivery, then obviously there are no charges.

Can we set our own shipping charges?

Yes of course! You can manage your shipping rates via the partner portal under Shipping rates.

We are working on making this section of the Partner Portal more user-friendly. If you need assistance we recommend contacting [email protected] with your shipping rates and we can set them for you!

Will there be an option to put a brand in holiday mode? If I'm away for a week or two and no one can fulfil orders.

We have a shipping option which is called; ‘worth the wait’. We suggest choosing this shipping method, via the Partner Portal under Shipping rates. This will show customers a delivery expectation of 5-10 working days.

If an order comes in overnight (~midnight) and we don’t acknowledge the order before 8am, what will happen?

That is no problem at all! We expect orders to be acknowledged within 8 business hours.

We don't work weekends or public holidays, therefore orders placed Friday after 4pm won’t be processed until Monday morning.

Customers who request express delivery on Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday will expect their orders to be delivered Tuesday. Delivery time is calculated in business hours.
For example, if a customer places an order at 5pm on Friday, we would expect the order to be dealt with by Tuesday morning at 9am.

We cannot offer express delivery, what do we do?

Go to the Partner Portal and, under Shipping Rates, only chose the shipping methods that you can and want to offer to customers.

What if we are sending orders untracked for standard orders and we only track for express orders?

Almost all shipping methods allow for tracking and tracing. To deliver the best possible customer experience, please make sure to insert the tracking links for all orders.

If you are unable to provide the tracking information and a customer needs to know where their parcel is, we will contact you to verify the parcels whereabouts so we can provide an answer to the customer. To mark a customer order as delivered, we need proof of delivery, so we ask that you share this with us for untracked customer orders.

We ask that all orders sent to customers are track and traceable. This means we can share this information with our customers so they know where their items are at all times.

Royal Mail offers a tracking option.

We use Royal Mail. Royal mail will not guarantee their delivery times - even if sending via 24h or 48h service - they will not guarantee that timeframe - it is just a target. Is that an issue for you?

We aim to meet all delivery times that we share with customers. Of course, sometimes things happen and we will not get the parcel there on time but we want to avoid this where we can and keep the customer informed along the process.

How do we handle shipments to EU or outside the UK?

At the moment, we only offer shipping to customers in the UK.

How do shipping rates calculate for multiple products?

In the Partner Portal, under Shipping Rates you can choose how you would like to set shipping rates. One option is to set the rates using the condition: “Total QTY”

We are working on making this section of the Partner Portal more user-friendly. If you need assistance we recommend contacting [email protected] with your shipping rates and we can set them for you!

Is there an order cut off time for customers for express delivery?

As different Partners use different shipping companies, we can’t take any cut off times into consideration, which is why we calculate with working days: If a customer choses express delivery, they expect to receive the parcel within 1-2 working days. If such an order is placed on Monday evening 8pm, the expectation would be to process the order and ship it on Tuesday, with delivery on Wednesday or latest Thursday.


Who covers the costs of return shipping?

Dayrize manages customer returns for you and also covers the cost of returns.

Do you require a specific returns policy or can we set our own returns policy?

The returns policy is set by Dayrize and follows the compliance levels as described by the Customer Protection Act. To learn more about the details of the returns policy, please refer to the Partner Terms and Conditions- Returns Policy for all information regarding returns (section 8) : Partner Terms and Conditions |

Why do you use Hermes as your returns shipping provider?

We are conducting returns via Hermes purely based on their operational solution. Hermes allows customers to drop their returns off at a ParcelShop and the integration with Hermes allows for a great online UX.

Since we are using Hermes for returns only, the customer’s role ends when they return the package, and should therefore not be affected if there are any poor return delivery services. If Hermes causes problems in returning the delivery from the customer to you, we will assume the responsibility for this. As far as the customer is concerned, they will have returned their product, and we will arrange the refund to them. In the event there is a problem, we will be dealing with Hermes from our side to ensure that the package is delivered properly back to you.

What is the Dayrize policy for lost returns?

The liability of returns is between the customer and Dayrize. For all return shipments for damages and losses in transit the amount is capped at a maximum amount of £50 per shipment. Please refer to the Dayrize Partner Terms and Conditions, section 8; Delivery, Fulfilment, returns and refunds:Partner Terms and Conditions

With regards returns for jewelry, earrings and suchlike items, we can’t accept these back for hygiene reason. What can be done in this case?

As per the Customer Protection Act, all products are eligible for return unless they meet the following criteria:

  • Personalised items that are specifically made to a Customer's specification (e.g. a custom-made print), except where the Customer has chosen items from pre-determined upgrade options or standard off-the-shelf components.
  • Perishable Products, including any food items and flowers;
  • Any Product that has a seal or label that is broken (e.g. beauty products such as mascara, underwear, swimwear, pierced jewelry);
  • Audio or video recordings or computer software which a Customer has unsealed;
  • Newspapers, periodicals or magazines; and
  • Products that by their nature cannot be returned, such as where it is physically impossible to return items or where items cannot be restored to the same physical state as they were supplied (e.g. nylon tights)

For more information, please refer to section 6. In the Partner Terms and Conditions to review the return policy :Partner Terms and Conditions |


Are packing slips digital or do they need to be printed somewhere?

There is no obligation to print a packaging slip to include in your customer order. However, we do suggest you do this so the customer can check they received their items.

You can print a PDF order summary via the Partner Portal, under the orders tab and click into the customer order. We are working on including the packaging slips in the dispatched emails, more news on this to come soon.

Do you specify to the customers that all items are tracked, regardless of the brand?

If the carrier and tracking ID is provided to us during the order process, we will forward this to customers in the dispatch email, allowing them to track and trace their order.

What if my items are made after they’re ordered?

There is no problem with this, as long as the item is made and delivered to the customer within the agreed shipping time.

Do customers leave a review after purchase?

Yes, customers can leave a review after they have purchased a product.

Order integration

If Shopify orders are synced with Dayrize, do we still need to input the information on the portal?

For the time being, yes. Once full order integration has been completed, you will not need to enter information in the partner portal. Orders will be received and managed in your Shopify directly.

We hope to have order integration fully completed in the coming weeks. For now, you will receive orders in your Shopify and they will need to be processed via the Partner Portal.

We will continue to run test orders on an individual basis so that we can familiarise you with the processes.

Social Media and website

Do you promote your all partners regularly on your social media or do you work with some of your partners exclusively?

We feature at least one partner per week on all our social media channels. Our intention is to feature a mix of partners across all of our categories.

Will you be using partners assets/images and if so how do we share these?

Yes! We browse all (product) images provided by our partners, if more images are needed, we browse partners or social media pages or we contact our partners directly.

Do your influencers promote Dayrize only or Dayrize and your partner brands?

Our relationship with them is to promote Dayrize but we expect our partner brands to be included as part of the promotion (eg. I bought x great brand/product on this amazing new marketplace Dayrize)

Do we get to approve the ads you make with our products?


Can you please share the best format/text layout for the new brand pages and product page on for the website?

We suggest a maximum of 1.000 words, with a maximum of 10.000 characters. We suggest you use between 1000 and 2000 characters (150-250 words). The first two sentences are the most important, as those will be visible. The rest of the text is available by clicking the ‘expand’ button.

Can you please share the size images for brand pages and products?

For our latest brand pages, please make sure to provide us with two sizes: desktop (1440x300 pixels, 72 dpi) and mobile (375x200 pixels, 72 dpi). Images cannot exceed the 125 Kb limit.

Can you share the name of the influencers please?

We will share the names of the influencers as part of the marketing pack we provide shortly.

Will Jewelry get a tab on the home page?

Until further notice, jewelry will be part of 'Women' or 'Men' (accessories) depending on the gender it is tailored for. Currently it is not (yet) possible to have the lower level of subcategories on the fly out, in a separate tab in the top navigation.

Do you have any forecasts of customer reach?

Our aim is to generate over 5 million visits to this year, by executing on the marketing plans shared with you. But... our Partners also have an important role to play in this. The more products we can score, the larger our catalogue appeal. Next to that, Partners sharing content about Dayrize on social (and to friends, family and neighbours) will also be a big help!

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