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Return Policy

At Dayrize we understand that you might need some time to determine if a product is the right fit - or fits right. That’s why we give you 14 days from the day the parcel is welcomed into your home to decide whether to return it. If you decide to return it, you have 14 more days to make sure the item(s) are returned safely. And the costs of returning? Leave that to us!

Even though most of our products are eligible for a refund, please don’t forget to double check this. The last thing we want is disappointed customers. To guarantee the most personal and sustainable customer care, we review and process all returns manually. So, it’s not only being done very securely, but also with a personal touch.

When returning items, please neatly return every product in its original (undamaged) packaging. If you are returning liquids, gels, creams, etc. please wrap them securely and seal the packaging. You can track your return by using the reference on the receipt card, that you receive when handing the parcel over to Hermes.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to mail us

How to Return

If you want to return a product, get in touch at and we will get back to you with the next steps.


After shipping back your parcel within 14 days, our partners need to process and approve your return. Once this is complete, Dayrize will make sure that the total amount of the order plus shipping will be returned to your account. One tiny detail: the entire order per partner needs to be returned for Dayrize to reimburse the initial shipping costs.

Damaged and faulty products

Did you receive a damaged or faulty product? (And no, we are not talking about those jeans you want to return after wearing it once to a party and you thought it was a good idea to do the splits.)please contact us at and we will either replace the product with a new one, or simply refund you for the faulty or damaged product.

Cancel an Order

Unfortunately, once you confirm an order, you can’t cancel. We know… bummer! But don’t sweat it. After the parcel has arrived you easily send it back, without any costs.