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Our commitment to sustainability

It’s time to put a ring on Mother Earth.

Sometimes we’re all scared of commitment. But we challenge you to name a more worthy commitment than Mother Earth. After all, Earth is awesome. It’s brought us food, clothing, shelter (and coffee!) for millions of years. Plus, have you seen how cute some of its animals are? We’re looking at you red panda. But with advances in science, we now know that even our little powerhouse of a planet has its limits. Scientists have defined nine “planetary boundaries” that we shouldn’t cross to keep our home liveable. Bad news: we’ve already crossed four. Including climate change (no surprise there).

But there’s good news:

this is not where the story ends.

We know it might feel like individually we’re too small to make an impact. But all of our daily choices add up.

The products and services we buy are responsible for a whopping 60% of our planetary impact. Of course, that includes things like the houses we live in and the cars we drive, but around half of it (30% total) is caused just by the products we buy.

That means, together, we can fix this mess. We can all agree to use our influence for good.

Not to consume unnecessarily – and when we do consume, to practice buying good. And it’s not all on you. Companies have to step up their act too. We’ll go first: Dayrize is committed to bringing consumption within planetary boundaries. And we’re tackling this big, hairy goal through these key commitments:

Making responsible consumption easy and accessible to everyone:

  • Assembling the largest offering of best-in-class sustainable products. We aim to sell 100% carbon neutral products and have a regenerative product offering by 2030.
  • Pioneering the Dayrize Score, a simple and accurate impact-assessment tool.
  • Helping you understand your own impact budget and the impact savings you can create by changing your purchasing choices.

Supporting brands and product makers in their efforts to make products less impactful:

  • Reinvesting 5% of our annual profits to support our partners in redesigning their products and value chains to lower their impact.
  • Openly sharing knowledge and insights with partners on how they can work to improve their Dayrize Score and design regenerative, carbon-neutral, and circular products.

Further reducing the impact of what you buy from us by being:

  • Dayrize operations to be 100% carbon neutral by 2025 – including the emissions associated with shipping ​from our partners.
  • 100% circular packaging (fully reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable) by 2030.

We are committed to these actions and we hope you’ll join us on our journey. We’re not going to get there overnight, but we’re sure as hell going to make it as fun as possible along the way.

As an important disclaimer: measuring the impact of different products is a complicated science. There are many different kinds of impacts – from land use to carbon emissions. Different product categories contribute differently to these various impact types. So this 30% figure is a general combined estimate, which could also be expressed as a range of 20 – 40% of impact for the different impact categories. For example, clothing alone has a broad range of impact contribution, estimated between 2 – 10%. To learn more about this, you can look into the following references: EIPRO, JIE, etc.